Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's March

It's March. I haven't been posting lately  because for one no one really doesn't look at my blog and secondly i've been busy. I've been trying to get more traffic but it doesn't seem like i'll be get any anytime soon. But i am confident that someone will evidently read my blog and pass it on to someone else but for now I'll just have to hope that you guys that are reading this will subscribe to my blog so that we can share our opinions on Halo 4.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sounds of war

So last night i was looking through waypoint in order to find some news or clues for you halo fans out there and then i stumbled across the perfect thing to post. It has to do with the sounds of Halo 4's weapons. Here's the video i hope you enjoy and leave a comment. I understand that i have little or no readers but i'm still going to post regularly and since it's the weekend im going to post alot.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Chief's New look!

This was released a little while back but i decided to post it anyway. It's the Master Chief's new look! So tell me what you think about it. It's ok in my opinion but i think they should have keep the "space diaper". If you look at the Master Chief's hand it looks like the pistol from the trailer.

The Art of Halo 4: Concept art

So after taking a little break from blogging today i'm back at it once again but this time with a new video! Must of you halo fans have seen this one and if you haven't then just watch and prepare to be amazed:

Pretty cool huh? Now here's a video of the analysis of the concept art by IGN:
Leave comments about the videos and tell me if you agree with IGN or not.


So I thought it would be cool if i was to add a little countdown for E3. Hopefully we'll see a trailer during E3 and all of us can be satisfied  have something to discuss and new material to look at. This was just a short post to inform you guys about how my blog. There is more to come today!